5 Ways to Cope With Your Feelings and Accept Your Emotions

You feel overwhelmed by your emotions. When a negative emotion arises, you feel anxious and you try to avoid it. Accepting the emotion seems impossible to you. You may be wondering, "How can I accept this sadness that I feel? I hate being sad"! When you hate how you feel, it's because you are afraid of your feelings.


How to Feel Powerful and Accept Yourself as an Introvert

If you are shy, feel lonely or socially anxious, ask yourself if it’s maybe only because you’re an introvert. Others have convinced me that I am all these until I realized that the whole time I was just an introvert. And it is a good, not a bad thing. Why do someone's quiet nature and silence bother some people? Why do communicative people think of a quiet person as a freak? Why do introverts have a bad reputation?

How to Overcome Shyness and Become Socially Confident

Overcoming social anxiety and becoming socially confident is a big challenge for people who are shy. Fear paralyzes you every time you have to address people. Your heart starts to beat faster. Your breathing accelerates and you start to sweat and blush.

How to Feel Strong Being a Highly Sensitive and Emotional Person

Do you feel weak and weird being a highly sensitive and emotional person? Do you feel like you`re often misunderstood? Do you think that others see you as a helpless and incapable being? Do you hate your emotions and vulnerability? Do you feel like something is wrong with you?